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The acromion is a large, flat bone that is a component of the shoulder blade, or scapula and extends over the shoulder joint. The acromion joins with the clavicle to create a joint at the top of the shoulder.


Cervical spine-

Cervical spine is the term used to describe the neck region of the spine. The top seven vertebrae of the spine comprise the cervical spine.



The clavicle is the bone just below the neck that extends from the upper arm to the center of the body. The clavicle joins with the clavicle to create a joint at the top of the shoulder.



Distal is a term used to describe location within the body. It denotes an area that is away from the center of the body or away from the point of attachment (as with a bone).



An endoscopy is a procedure in which a doctor investigates the inside of the body by inserting a tiny camera through a small incision. There are a number of different forms of endoscopy (including arthroscopy) that vary according the area that is being investigated.


Glenohumeral joint-

The glenohumeral joint is the primary joint in the shoulder. It is a ball and socket joint consisting of the humerus and the glenoid. It allows for most shoulder movements, including circular motion and extension of the arm.


Glenoid cavity-

The glenoid cavity is a small recess situated along the scapula. It forms the “socket” part of the ball and socket joint in the shoulder known as the glenohumeral joint.



The humerus is the bone that connects the scapula to the ulna and lower part of the arm. In other words, the humerus extends from the shoulder to the elbow.



Tenosynovitis describes inflammation of the sheath that encompasses a tendon. It may result in pain, swelling, redness, and difficulty moving joints.


Thoracic spine-

The thoracic spine is the region of the spine located in the upper back and middle back regions. It consists of twelve vertebrae and connects the cervical spine to the lumbar spine. Each level of the thoracic spine is connected to the rib cage, limiting flexibility of this area.


Trapezium bone-

The trapezium bone is the bone just below the palm, at the base of the thumb.


Vertebral body-

The spine is composed of a number of vertebra. Vertebral body refers to the central, more solid part of a vertebrae that bears most weight.