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Kyphoplasties are used to treat osteoporotic compression fractures where the fractured bone collapses in front of the vertebral body. This procedure is performed on patients with debilitating pain. Non-operative methods are typically used for the first couple of weeks to minimize the pain while the fracture heals naturally. If, after those first couple of weeks, the pain does not lessen and the fracture does not seem to be getting better, a kyphoplasty may be performed.

The procedure involves filling the fractured bone with cement to stabilize the inner digitation of the bone. A small cannula, or tube, is inserted into the bone. A balloon passes through the tube into the bone and is blown up, displacing the soft bone and “re-inflating” the collapsed bone to its normal shape. The balloon is deflated and removed, generating a void into which a doughy type of bone cement is placed. The fractured bone then heals around the artificial bone (like an internal cast). After the procedure, the patient’s pain is usually markedly better. A patient, who, before the procedure, was unable to move or sleep due to the pain, will typically be mobile within 24 hours of the procedure. Additionally, the fracture will heal faster after a kyphoplasty has been performed.

Vertebroplasties, like kyphoplasties, treat osteoporotic compression fractures. However, a vertebroplasty does not use a balloon to displace the soft bone and “re-inflate” the collapsed bone. Also, instead of inserting a doughy type of bone cement, liquid cement is inserted into the bone. Because the filling is liquid, the likelihood of extravasation of the cement into and around the spine is higher. Additionally, the liquid cement is more likely to leak into the lungs and cause acute arrest. For these reasons, we believe that kyphoplasty tends to be the better treatment option. We are also one of the few clinics in the area that is qualified to perform a kyphoplasty.

Dr. Baker has nine years of experience performing khyphoplastic procedures.

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