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METRx Tubes

Instead of performing a standard open procedure, METRx (Minimal Exposure Tubular Retractor) tubes can be used, reducing the size of incision from a couple of inches to 18-22 mm. During the operation, the surgeon makes a small incision, then inserts a small tube through the incision, down to the area that needs treatment. The surgeon continues to insert progressively larger tubes into the area, creating a tunnel through which the entire procedure is performed. This method of surgery allows the surgeon to access the bone with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue, since the incision is smaller and the METRx tubes gently separate tissue along its natural seams, rather than cutting or ripping tissue.

Additionally, for some procedures that normally require incisions in more than one area in order to access the spine, the use of METRx tubes enables the doctor to access the target area through only one incision. Furthermore, because the METRx tubes reduce damage, patients are often able to return home on the day of surgery following procedures that, without the METRx tubes, would have kept the patient in the hospital overnight.

Some of the procedures that are preformed at Carolina Spine and Hand through METRx tubes include implantation of a spinology innerbody device or bone spacer, pedigal screws, decompression, discectomy, and fusions.

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